Classification of Textile Fiber

Fibers used for the production of yarn and fabric are Textile fibers. Classification of Textile Fiber there are many fibers looks like textile fiber all the fibers are not textile fibers, Textile fiber must have en of the essential characteristics.

  1. a) Minimum length to insert twist.
  2. b) Strength.

c). Fineness.

  1. d) Pliability or flexibility.
  2. e) Cohesiveness
  3. f) Rigidity or stiffness.
  4. g) Elongation & Elasticity.
  5. h) Moisture Absorbency etc.

Classification of Textile Fiber

Different Textile fibers are used in the industry. Some of them we get from natural sources and some of them are man-made, classification of textile fiber is shown in the following chart:

Classification of Textile Fiber