Fashion Merchandising Resume

A fashion merchandiser is a person who sells, buys or manufactures garments, generally to promote fashion. An individual looking for a fashion merchandising job should produce a fashion merchandising resume in order to show their skills and strengths on the job. The resume should demonstrate some of the things the merchandiser is willing to do for the company. Therefore, a perfect fashion merchandising resume should show the merchandiser’s good sense of style and design. They should also have excellent communication skills as well as a good understanding of the customer’s taste and behaviors. The resume should also showcase creativity of the merchandiser. Additionally this job-seeking document must state the individual’s ability to cooperate with other designers to bring out the best in fashion with less supervision. Academic training is also a trait that the fashion merchandising resume should bring out. In simple terms the resume should be able to show the employer that the individual can actually perform all the activities involved in fashion merchandising.

Fashion Merchandising Resume

How to Write a Fashion Merchandising Resume

While looking for a job in a fashion merchandising company you should draft a fashion merchandising resume that not only catches the eye of your employer but also guarantees you an interview. A resume is not supposed to be your summary of skills and neither is it a guarantee that you will get a job. A fashion merchandising resume should be an advertisement of you as the product. It should be catchy and at the same time very much detailed on what you really are capable of.  Below are few tips to get you started on drafting that job winning fashion merchandising resume.

  1. You should first choose the format you want to use to write your fashion merchandising resume. It could be functional, combination or reverse-chronological.
  2. The organization of ideas on your resume should be systematic. You should begin with the contact information. This includes your name and address. Secondly give an introduction of your resume, and then state your professional experience. You should as well state your educational levels in you fashion merchandising resume .Finally give any additional information that you think may be necessary.
  3. Style your resume to appear formal and neat. Make sure the lines, margins, and font size are in the right order.

NB: Your resume appears more neat and formal when typed compared to when it is hand written.

Skills Portrayed in a Fashion Merchandising Resume

Apart from education and knowledge there is much more that a fashion merchandiser needs to be capable of for them to be able to specialize with fashion merchandising. All this is supposed to be portrayed in the fashion merchandising resume either directly or indirectly.Some of the major skills are explained below:

  1. A fashion merchandiser should have perfect organizational and time management skills. This is because one is responsible for dealing with multiple tasks at the same that time. Your employer will require you to do all these tasks responsibly, perfectly and on time.
  2. A fashion merchandiser should also be creative. This prowess should also be portrayed on your fashion merchandising resume. It is never easy making a difference on something hence they should be super creative to create something that looks smart and unique at the same time.
  3. A fashion merchandising resume should clearly bring out that the individual is all round in fashion and business as per their education and professional experience. They should be up-to-date with fashion may be with the aid of blogs, fashion magazines, shows etc.

Wrapping Up on Fashion Merchandising Resume

The fashion merchandising resume should demonstrate the job seeker’s ability to handle customers and ability to tell the customer’s interests from the moment they set their foot in the store. A resume is meant to bring out the best of you and sell you to the employer even before they meet you for an interview. Therefore, it should be drafted to the best of your ability and sound relevant to your targeted company’s management.

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