High Temperature rotary garments dyeing machine

High temperature rotary garments dyeing machine is the modified and latest version of the atmospheric pressure type rotary garments dyeing machine. It is a micro processor controlled high temperature garments dyeing machine which is not presently used in Bangladesh but it is used in the developed countries.Garments dyeing could be carried out up to 140°C in this machine, its main features are mentioned below:

rotary garments dyeing machine

Rotary garments dyeing machine

High Temperature rotary garments dyeing machine

1. Very big central door facilitates material loading & unloading mechanically:

 2. Light machine structure facilitates high speed machine running with safe balance.

3. Simple A/c drives and A/c converter facilitates 5 to 35 rpm of main cylinder.

4.Additional two chemicals tank facilitates auto-dozing of dyes and chemicals during operation without any manual effort.

5.Separate chemical dosing tanks may be attached besides those two chemicals dosing tanks for auto dozing of more number of items to the dye solution during operation or processing in that machine.

6.Separate liquor circulating pump, heater, and filter facilitates additional liquor circulation, additional liquor heating & liquor filtration, hence better dyeing quality.

 7. The machine is available only built-in form hence less risk of installation & running problem.

It is a fully programmable automatic garments dyeing machine. In this machine all the dyeing parameters are to be pre programmed in the monitor after loading the machine with the garments to be dyed. Important information’s to be given input are, for example, processing time, processing temperature, processing speed,etc, which will be maintained by the machine automatically without any manual effort or even manual attention. In this machine is up to 200 dyeing/pre-treatment program could be saved & re-used easily. The microprocessor can also be set for different question & answer about product & production parameters.