Rotary garments dyeing machine

This machine is made of stainless steel. In this machine, there are two big stainless steel cylinders on inside the other in the rotary garments dyeing machine. The outer stainless steel cylinder is solid and has two sliding doors like microbus at the upper middle half position of the cylinder. The outer cylinder is fixed on the machine frame and the machine frame is tightly fixed on the floor with heavy foundation to avoid any jerking during operation of the machine. There are also two chemical dosing doors on the sliding doors to facilitate chemical addition during machine running. The inner stainless steel cylinder is perforated having two stainless steel side shafts. The side shafts are fixed with the machine frame through ball bearing. Two machine pulleys are fixed on the two sides of the side shafts. With the help of two big high power motor & motor pulley, the machine pulley is rotated. As a result, the inner perforated cylinder can rotate freely inside the outer cylinder. The perforated inner cylinder has also two spring loaded doors. The doors of the inner cylinder and outer cylinder are aligned to the same position by the use of a inching motion Switch to load & unload the garments to be dyed. The inner cylinder can be rotated at 5 to 35 rpm through control panel of the machine. The rotation of the inner cylinder is automatically controlled for clockwise direction and anticlockwise direction by reversal diving unit which is simple electronic circuit. The dual directional movement of the inner cylinder is used to avoid roping effect of the garments during dyeing.

Rotary garments dyeing machine
Overview rotary garments dyeing machine

Atmospheric pressure rotary garments dyeing machine

The inner cylinder is about 4 feet diameter and 6 feet wide. The exact size of the inner cylinder depends on machine capacity. There are three to four inches gap between the inner and outer cylinder. A solid steam pipe is situated between the gaps. Supplied from the boiler through the steam pipe of wired Hence, liquor is indirectly heated by the steam pipe to use desired dyeing temperature of the dye liquor. Dyeing temperature is controlled by a dial & indicator situated in the panel board of machine. Pre-set temperature of the dial & indicator automatically controls the liquor temperature by controlling the steam supply on-off through the steam pipe.

The inner cylinder has three triangular shape bars at equal distance that is 120° apart. The three triangular bars are about 6 inch high, which confirms the rotation of garments present inside the perforated cylinder during rotation of the perforated inner cylinder, Garments movement during garments dyeing is performed by those three bars which are also made of stainless steel

The outer solid stainless steel cylinder has a connection through tube to a glass tube at the side of the cylinder at lower position, As a result height of the liquor in the machine can be observed during machine running this tube helps to maintain liquor ratio before and during garments dyeing

Form the over head water tank a water pipe connection is given to the bottom side of the outer cylinder with gate valve arrangement. Water can be loaded in the rotary garments dyeing machine, simply by operating the gate valve. At the end of processing liquor could be drained-out through two water out-let pipe filmed with gate-valve. Simple operation of gate valve facilitates easy out let of processed liquor from the rotary garments dyeing machine.

There is another dial & pointer in the panel board which facilitates pre-setting of processing time with alarm system, when the pre-set processing time of the dial reached; the machine automatically stops rotation with alarm sound to attract the attention of the operator for next operation.

The biggest advantage of this rotary garments dyeing machine can be used for desizing, scouring and bleaching. Dyeing and washing treatment of the garments capacity of rotary garments dyeing machine may vary from 50 to 500 kg but the 300 kg capacity dyeing machine is mostly used in the garments dyeing industry.